Home War World’s best sniper, Wali killed in Russia-Ukraine war

World’s best sniper, Wali killed in Russia-Ukraine war

World’s best sniper, Wali killed in Russia-Ukraine war

Russia claims responsibility for his death, but Ukraine denies it

Russia is claiming that Oliver Lavigne-Ortiz, otherwise known as ‘Wali‘ and considered to be the world’s best sniper, has lost his life shortly after joining Ukraine‘s defence against the neighbouring country’s invasion.

However, Ukraine denies reports about the alleged death of Wali, who has gone through various conflicts, from Afghanistan to Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Allegedly communicated his position in the combat zone

Although it has yet to be confirmed, there are reports claiming that the Canadian sniper mistakenly communicated his position to the Russians or the area where Ukrainian forces placed him.

His position was allegedly located by the Russian army, who bombed the area, causing the death of Wali.

It sounds surprising that an experienced snipper would make such a mistake, but it has to be noted that the Russian army are using technology that is more sophisticated that the one used in the Middle East by the Taliban, Islamic State and Iraqi militias.

The fact is that no one has heard of Wali in several days, with his case being currently shrouded in the fog of war.




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