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Their relationship was toxic’, says brother of nurse gunned down at Tembisa Hospital

  • Thirty-year-old nursing assistant Lebo Monene has been gunned down at Tembisa Hospital by the father of her child.
  • Monene’s family has described her relationship with the police officer as toxic.
  • The officer has been airlifted to Milpark Hospital after turning the gun on himself. He is in a critical condition in hospital.

Just days before nursing assistant Lebo Monene died in a pool of her own blood at Tembisa Hospital in Gauteng on Wednesday, she ended the relationship with her police officer boyfriend and father of one of her children.

He allegedly killed her on Wednesday.

Following the gruesome murder of mother-of-two Monene, 30, in the hospital’s parking lot, her family have described the relationship with the man as toxic. He is in a critical condition after shooting himself.

“When I got here, I was told that they were separated. They used to stay together, but now Lebo was staying alone, and she came back to her family home. Their relationship was toxic,” said Monene’s brother, Daniel Thobakgale.

He added:That is what I was told because the gentleman, it seems as if every time they had a quarrel he would say, ‘Where is my gun? I will shoot you’. That is why Lebo ended the relationship.

Thobakgale said Monene had been seeing the man for more than five years, and they had a 4-year-old son. Thobakgale said he did not want to go into the details of their relationship, but added that the police officer’s family knew of the issues because they had had meetings with them.

“As the Monene family, we are deeply saddened by the sudden death of our child, a mother to two young boys and a sister. Our hearts are very much in pain. Lebo was a young and energetic woman. The kids are with their grandparents in Limpopo. Her parents are shattered. They couldn’t talk to me when I called them.”

According to reports and eyewitnesses, the officer arrived at the hospital in a car with police blue lights. He parked near Monene’s car and called her to the parking lot, where he shot her before turning the gun on himself. Monene had worked at the hospital since April 2016.

“Everybody was scared. They didn’t know what was happening, and they ran for cover. After a while, somebody (Monene’s colleagues) came and told them that Lebo’s partner had shot her. Even now, when I was interacting with them (hospital staff), they were still crying and indicated that they could still hear the sound of the gunshots,” said Gauteng Health MEC Nomathemba Mokgethi outside Monene’s home.

Mokgethi commended Monene for her courage.

“Despite the challenges she was going through, she put her patients first. She decided that rather than staying home, let me go to work and serve my patients. I want to assure our communities that our hospitals are safe. It is just that this situation was an isolated situation. Nobody could have [anticipated] that a law enforcement [officer] would do such an act,” she said.

Mokgethi appealed to communities to speak up against gender-based violence, adding that the department had engaged with the hospital about security, especially given that the alleged perpetrator was a police officer.

“The challenging situation about this is that we are always talking about gender-based violence and raising awareness. But it looks like, I normally say, we are addressing the wrong constituency because we raise awareness and do marches. So, I am appealing to our communities out there and staff to say that there is nothing wrong in sharing what is happening with you in a relationship,” she said.

The Monene family has not yet set a date for the funeral.



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