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The CEO, wife and pregnant nyatsi

Model and influencer Meagan Gallie is set to become top corporate boss Gcina Jordan’s second wife. She is heavily pregnant with their first child.

Gallie’s pregnancy announcement early this month shocked some of her friends when they learnt that the father of her unborn child was Jordan, the wealthy deputy CEO of auditing company Deloitte.

It is understood that Jordan is married to Melisiwe, with whom he has two children. A source told City Press that his wife had had no knowledge of Jordan’s relationship with Gallie until recently.

Close friends of the model, who is the South African ambassador for global superstar Beyoncé Knowles’ clothing brand Ivy Park by Adidas, revealed that Gallie’s relationship with Jordan has been going on for more than five years.

“They have been going steady since 2016. Theirs is an exciting relationship for him because she gives him a different side of life which his wife is not exposed to.” A source said: She is younger and more exciting to him.

The source also revealed that Gallie has been spoilt by Jordan, as she lives in the exclusive Waterfall Villas in Midrand with neighbours such as media personality Bonang Matheba and world-renowned DJ Black Coffee.

“They met while she was still in Cape Town. He then brought her to Johannesburg and bought her the villa in Waterfall. He also bought her a brand new Audi A3 when she told him she was pregnant. She goes on international trips often [with him] – they did last year … for her birthday, he took her to the Maldives.”

Gallie’s Instagram posts include photos of her in teasing poses. In one photo, she is wearing a huge diamond ring on her left hand while a man is standing behind her. Only his head is visible.

In March last year, the Burger King influencer revealed that the man in her life had paid lobola for her.

Her friends, including media personality and TV presenter Minnie Dlamini-Jones and model Lerato Kgamanyane, flooded her timeline with congratulatory messages.

“Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. It really means a lot. I would love to individually respond but I am so overwhelmed by all the love and messages,” she wrote at the time.

However, another source said the model’s engagement to Jordan was not recognised by his family, as his wife was unaware of it.

“The wife learnt about Meagan from her when she personally called and told her she was pregnant [with her husband’s child]. She [Melisiwe] is heartbroken and does not approve of the arrangement Meagan and Gcina have.

“The family tried numerous times to talk to him [about this relationship]. In the first meeting, he denied that he was seeing Meagan. Then after that, he said he was seeing her and that he really likes her.

“But now the problem is that there is no clarity on what his relationship with Meagan means for his family – and with his wife – because he did not give any direction,” the source said.

The source continued:Melisiwe has no plans of divorcing Gcina, unless she is pushed to do it. So it’s a mess!

The situation between Jordan and Gallie has allegedly caused a rift between him and his family. According to the source, he has not even told his mother that he is expecting a child with the beauty.

It is also understood that Gallie’s mother is not aware that her future son-in-law is a married man.

Melisiwe could not be reached for comment this week.

Neither Gallie nor Jordan answered their phones or responded to emails sent to them by the time of going to print.



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