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More than 100 pupils admitted to hospital after eating lunch at Eastern Cape school

Around 120 pupils have been admitted to hospital after eating a possibly contaminated meal provided by the government’s National Schools Nutrition Programme.

The pupils from Kamvalesizwe Primary School, in Kenton-on-Sea, outside Port Alfred, ate crumble porridge with sour milk during lunch break on Monday afternoon.

They were admitted to a nearby hospital after complaining of stomach aches and vomiting this afternoon.

“It is alleged that these learners started showing signs of this after having a meal served at their school during the lunch break period as part of the School Nutrition Programme,” said Eastern Cape education spokesperson Malibongwe Mtima.

Mtima said department officials were on site monitoring the situation. 

The district office is currently providing psychosocial services to the pupils, teachers and parents, said Mtima.

“The department is monitoring the situation in collaboration with the Department of Health. Currently, all officials and parents are still awaiting medical reports on what led to the situation,” Mtima added.

He added that a more detailed statement will be released in due course with any new developments.



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