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Media barred from Ramaphosa animal auction in Phala Phala

  • The media was prevented from covering the animal auction at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm on Saturday.
  • Police were strategically placed in and outside the venue.
  • Animals that were on auction included Ankole cows.

There was a heavy police presence outside President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm on Saturday where some of his livestock was on auction.

Police in uniform and civilian clothes were stationed outside the farm while the auction took place inside.

The media was barred from covering the event and journalists were ordered by the police to move away from the gate of the farm.

The police said the farm was Ramaphosa’s private residence and no journalist was allowed to enter. There was also no cellphone network signal outside the farm.

Inside the farm, however, there was a hive of activity with many vehicles seen parked near a building where the auction was taking place.

The animals sold included Ankole cows.

The event was not the first the president has had at his farm.

Phala Phala farm was catapulted into notoriety after former spy boss Arthur Fraser opened a criminal case against Ramaphosa.

In his affidavit, Fraser claimed that about $4 million (R64 million) was stolen from the farm during a robbery in 2020.

He accused Ramaphosa of concealing the crime and not reporting it to the police.

He also stated that he had critical evidence, including images and videos of the robbery.



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