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Husband kills wife for denying him sex on Christmas day

An 80-year-old Italian man stabbed his wife to death after she promised to have sex with him at Christmas but changed her mind and refused after he took Viagra. 
Vito Cangini has been accused of killing his wife Natalia Kyrychok, 61, because she refused to have sex with him after he took a Viagra pill while at home in Fanano di Gradara, eastern Italy, on December 25.
Kyrychok’s refusal prompted a furious row, during which Cangini, who was almost 20 years older than his wife, accused her of being attracted to her boss.
Cangini allegedly stabbed her to death, left his wife’s bloodied body on the floor and went to bed.
The following morning, he reportedly ate breakfast, walked his dog and came home as if nothing had happened.
He allegedly took his dog for another walk in the afternoon before he phoned the restaurant where his wife had worked as a chef for two years and told the owner he would never see her again.
“I know there was something going on between you two,” Cangini reportedly told the restaurant owner.
The restaurant owner called the police, who visited the suspect’s home.
Officers found Kyrychok’s body with at least four stab wounds including one to the heart.  Cangini was taken into custody and the suspected murder weapon was found at the crime scene.
The investigation is ongoing.



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