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How I caught my husband cheating with my best friend

Joan Nekesa could not hold back her painful tears after she caught her husband in
bed with her husband.
Joan has been married for three years and lived happily. Her best friend Cate her
best friend got a job in the city and did not have a place to live. She whole
heartedly invited her to her home not knowing she was welcoming a snake to her
own house.
She realized that his husband was getting close to Cate but could not suspect
anything between the two. He would pick her from work and take her out on
weekends, when Joan confronted her husband he said they were just friends and
nothing to worry about.
One day a friend told her that she had seen him leave a lodging with Cate. She
could not believe it. She tried tracking them for evidence but she never succeeded.
They were playing safe. A friend told her about Kiwanga doctors who would help
her catch them red handed.
She consulted them and was given the time and location to find them. It was so
accurate she found them romancing and she just started screaming in disbelief. It
was a bad betrayal but she was glad she knew what was going on behind her
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