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Daring girlfriend ‘locks’ her married boyfriend

…wife cries foul as action between the sheets disappears

The muthi battle between a wife and a girlfriend has left the 43-year-old wife with a husband without capacity for action between the sheets.

The firing power is gone exposing the wife to dry spells in bed, but the spear only gets up when he is with the girlfriend.

The woman from Actonville, Ekurhuleni, said her husband’s spear has been piercing properly for the past 13 years they have been married but developed dysfunctionality after she confronted her new girlfriend.

The wife said although she knew that the hubby had been cheating her with several women, but she never confronted them until a new woman who she is in the same stokvel started dating the father of her children.

In September she found out her husband was cheating on her again and this time she decided to fight the nyatsi because she had already tried to sort out her husband and the woman was from her kasi.

“We were even in a stokvel together,” she said.

She went to a sangoma.

“The sangoma told me this woman was already using muthi to try and destroy my marriage,” she said.

She said the sangoma gave her some muthi to burn while communicating with her ancestors.

She did as she was instructed and early in January, she bumped into the nyatsi at the mall.

“I confronted her and threatened to block her punani,” she said.

But a week later, her husband’s 4-5 started failing when it was time to poke. Now the husband doesn’t want to poke her anymore and told her she needed to fix whatever was wrong with her punani. “This makes me angry. We’ve got this problem because of him!” she said.

Daily Sun spoke to the husband (49) who said he regretted cheating and would try his best to stop. He said he didn’t know why his 4-5 fails.

He also said he had stopped seeing the other woman and would help his wife through this journey of getting her punani sorted out.

The sangoma she consulted, Gogo Hlongo Mngomezulu, confirmed the husband’s 4-5 is affected by the muthi the nyatsi was using to block the wife’s punani.

She said in order for them to get their bedroom life back and to protect their marriage, they’d need to do certain things together. “It can’t just be the wife,” said Gogo Hlongo.

Attempts to speak to the nyatsi failed as she kept on hanging up the phone on the reporter’s ear.

Daily Sun



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