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Duduzane Zuma takes first step towards the Presidency

Duduzane Zuma has been elected chairperson of an ANC branch in Durban. 

Zuma received overwhelming support for the role at a branch biennial general meeting (BBGM) of the Newlands ward 11 ANC branch.

This is essentially the first step in Zuma’s self-stated mission to become a future ANC president.

His campaign began six months ago. Branch members had initially negotiated to make him secretary of the branch, but he refused.

Asked by TimesLIVE then if he felt he could win the chairmanship, the young Zuma said: “I’m feeling very positive.”

Zuma does not live in Newlands. However, he previously said he is familiar with the community through family ties. The area is home to his wife, Shanice Stork.

“Just because I don’t live here doesn’t mean I don’t spend time here. I have family in this community — my in-laws are here. Me not being here 100% of my time should not take away from the work that needs to be done,” he said.

“It is the same in many communities around the country — people leave and never look back. The whole idea behind what I’m trying to do is to come back and make a difference.

“These are the conditions of people I know.”

While initially there were ANC members who were opposed to his election as chair, an insider who is familiar with the branch told TimesLIVE that Zuma was “very popular”.

“There were a lot of people who were initially opposed to him but it was not worth fighting it. He is very popular. That would have divided the branch for a long time and we are just coming out of a long division stemming from the last regional conference,” said the insider.

Zuma’s election comes just in time for the eThekwini regional conference, due to take place in early 2022.




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