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Zahara’s Sama awards stolen

Six SA Music Awards (Samas) were stolen from musician Zahara’s secure estate in Roodepoort, Gauteng, this week.

The Loliwe hitmaker, whose given name is Bulelwa Mkutukana, opened a case of house robbery at the Honeydew Police Station on Friday.

She told City Press she noticed that her awards were missing when she returned this week from her tour of the Eastern Cape to celebrate 11 years in the music industry.

She said:I don’t know how I feel right now. Those awards meant more than money to me. I don’t even know who they’d sell them to. To me, those awards are a look into my music history. I even have a special room in my house for them.

Mkutukana said she had realised that her Sama statues were missing while she was making a TikTok video on Thursday after arriving home.

“I came back and my gardener said he’d arrived at my house when we weren’t there and had found the front door open. I’d locked the door when I left. I’ve been living there for 10 years and we’ve never had a single break-in before.

“They stole the awards. Nothing else looks funny. We didn’t notice anything else that seemed to have been taken. I only realised that the awards were missing when I was making the video in that room, because that’s where I always make them,” she said.

Mkutukana is one of the country’s most decorated musicians, with more than 25 awards to her name, including 17 Samas, three Metro FM awards, one Nigeria Entertainment Award and one African Entertainment Award USA, which she won in 2020.

She was puzzled about how the intruders could have gained access to her home.

“I live in a security estate and it isn’t easy for anyone to simply gain entrance. You can only get in if someone lets you in,” Mkutukana said.

The star added that she had asked her estate management and a neighbour who had a security camera overlooking her room to provide her with footage that might show who had entered her house and stolen her trophies.

She said:They took six Sama awards. I want them back. I want to cry as I talk about this. What do these people want from me? I won’t let this go until I get my awards back. I can never get them from anywhere again, because they’re irreplaceable.

However, she said she suspected that this might have been the work of people in her neighbourhood who had a longstanding feud with her.

“Some of my neighbours at the estate have been abusing me since I started living there. You can ask anyone close to me about it. At one point, they even cut off my power and made it look as if I hadn’t been paying my electricity bill – but when City Power got there, they told me my supply had been cut off by other people, not by them.

“I won’t leave my house because I love it. I bought it. I’ll get that footage and it will show who stole my awards,” she repeated.

Police spokesperson Mavela Masondo has not yet commented on the case.



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