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Water pressure warning for parts of Joburg as Rand Water works on pipes

Weltevreden reservoir is expected to take about three days to fully recover after restoration of supply

Residents around Weltevreden Park and Fairland can expect a possible drop in water pressure on Wednesday and Thursday due to planned maintenance by Rand Water. 

The bulk water supplier said it has scheduled the planned shutdown of its F34 pipeline from Wednesday to Thursday to tie in a newly installed pipeline to the existing one. 

“Rand Water has formally informed the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) of the planned shutdown to allow CoJ to execute appropriate contingency plans. The CoJ will advise consumers on the impact of the shutdown and, where necessary, provide water tankers.”

Rand Water said five affected meters supplied directly from the F34 pipeline will have water supply restored immediately upon completion of the work. However, the Weltevreden reservoir will take about three days to fully recover after the restoration of supply.

“The 24-hour shutdown project has been initiated to tie in the newly installed F46 pipeline to the existing F34 pipeline. Both pipelines will be shut down from 5am on March 23 to 5am on Match 24. The project, which consists of three tie-ins, is situated in Fairland and stretches to Weltevreden Park. The tie-ins will be executed concurrently,” said Rand Water. 

The first tie-in is located at the corner of Jim Fouche and JG Strydom roads, the second at the corner of Cornelius Street and JG Strydom Road and the third at the Corriemoor reservoir.

The bulk water supplier has appealed to residents to use water sparingly. 




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