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Virgin at 72, still no plans to break her virginity

GOGO Malisebo Lebuso believes se_x is a demon and she fights it with the Bible!

The 72-year-old from Victory Farm, near Clocolan in the Free State, told Daily Sun she had won the battle against se_x and was still a vir_gin.

She said she lived a sin-free life and used prayer to ward off temptation.

Gogo Malisebo, who lives alone in a two-roomed shack, said: “I don’t need a man in my life. Poking is for the weak.

“I have had hundreds of men asking me out in my life and I turned them all down.

“I lived with my sister, who died six years ago, and we both abstained from se_x. I do have feelings but when they come, I take out my Bible, kneel and pray for the temptation to go away.

“My problem with sleeping with men started when I lived with my parents and I saw boys abandoning their girlfriends when they got preg_nant.

“I saw these girls getting beaten up by their boyfriends and vowed never to be in a relationship.”

The gogo said her shack had no windows because in the past, men would knock on her window and ask to sleep with her.

“Six years ago, three men came to my shack and broke the window,” she said.

“They wanted to rap_e me, but after I kneeled down and prayed they left.

“I then decided to remove my windows.”

Thando Mojali (74) has been asking gogo Malisebo to marry him for eight years without success.

“I offered her six cows for lobola but she refused.

“I was married but my wife died 20 years ago,” he said.

“I love her and I know she’s a virg_in. If she married me, I would be a good husband to her.”

– Daily Sun


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