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Video: Grateful SA students studying in Ukraine now safely in Poland

Unidentified two South African students studying in Ukraine managed to flee from the war and sneaked into Poland.

The students are now waiting for the next flight back home to be with their families. The students are grateful to their government, Minister of International Relations and Corporation, Naledi Pandor, and SA Ambassador to South Africa Andre Groenewald for pulling them out of the war zone.

The students’ escape was delayed by border security who insisted on having whites out of Ukraine first ahead of all blacks.

Dirco spokesperson Clayson Monyela indicated when the war broke out that the government was in the process of moving South Africans out of Ukraine.

“We have around 200 South Africans that are registered with our office and our ambassador in Ukraine Andre Groenewald has been busy organising their movement out of the country. Because of the situation in that country we have had to rely on trains as a mode of transport,” said Monyela.

He said that while the evacuation was taking place, they had been alerted to cases of racism directed at African nationals at the border of some of the neighbouring countries.

“We have come across reports that African nationals, regardless of which country they come from, are getting ill-treated at some of the borders and we are hoping that this will be attended to, but it is quite disturbing that you still have episodes of discrimination just because of one’s skin colour, especially under such conditions,” Monyela added.

He said they had advised those stranded in Ukraine to contact the South African embassy or to call the 24-hour Operations Centre in the department.

Some South Africans stranded in Ukraine took to social media to express their fears.



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