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The war is on as Jub Jub demands retraction from his rape accusers

A legal showdown is looming between controversial Uyajola 9/9 host and musician Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye and multiple rape accusers.

City Press has been reliably informed that Maarohanye intends to serve Skeem Saam actress Amanda Du-Pont and government spokesperson Masechaba Khumalo with a letter of demand that they retract the allegations of rape they made against him this week.

Speaking through family spokesperson Andile Ngcobo yesterday, Maarohanye said he had also asked two other women, songwriter Bonokuhle Nkala and his former colleague Refilwe Kumalo, to remove their social media posts about him, failing which he would press charges against them.

“Our son and his management team wouldn’t leave the claims unattended and have taken a decision to serve Amanda, Masechaba, Refilwe and Bonokuhle with letters of demand that they retract the unfounded allegations made against him and apologise for their claims.

“Failure to adhere to the instructions will see our son – who, like any South African citizen whose constitutional rights have been infringed – go the legal route to clear his name,” said Ngcobo.

The allegations made against Maarohanye came a day after the Ndikhokhele hitmaker was a guest on YouTube channel Podcast and Chill with MacG, where he claimed to have been in a three-year relationship with Du-Pont that ended abruptly because of his ex-girlfriend, musician Kelly Khumalo. 

In the interview, Maarohanye used the word ‘smashing’ in relation to his sexual relationship with Du-Pont. She responded to the interview by alleging she had been raped by him.

“I was raped for two years solidly, so please don’t make it sound as if it was a relationship. I was absolutely afraid to leave, afraid of the power your mother had at the time. You made me believe my life would be in danger if I spoke up. You didn’t ‘smash’ me, you forcefully opened my legs and forced yourself on to me numerous times for two years and made me believe I had no way out,” the actress said in an emotional video posted online.

She added that he had done this in the presence of her siblings. “One time he did it [raped me] when my siblings were visiting. He did it while they were in the same room so that I wouldn’t scream,” she alleged. She also described suffering physical abuse at Maarohanye’s hands.

“I left because he tried to kill me. He tried to suffocate me. I remember that day vividly. I prayed to God to give me strength to kick him off. He had locked the doors,” she said.

Following the posting of the video, Masechaba Khumalo and Nkala claimed that they had also been raped by Maarohanye. Ngcobo said the Maarohanye family noted the claims made by Du-Pont with grave concern.

“First, it must be noted that his [public] statements confirming intimate details about his romantic relationship with Amanda were never meant to embarrass or shame her, but were part of him owning up to his past, including his relationships, which he can’t change or deny.

“However, the musician and TV reality show presenter has been gobsmacked by claims, which have now gone viral on social media, claiming that our son sexually and physically abused Du-Pont during the course of their romantic relationship. It’s unfortunate that these heavy allegations are false,” Ngcobo said.


He added that Du-Pont’s and Maarohanye’s families had been involved in their relationship: “As a family, we met Amanda when our son introduced her to us. We accepted her as one of our own. She also introduced our son to her father. During their relationship, they had mutual respect and understanding, love and support.

“The serious allegations made by Amanda were clearly concocted to injure and defame our son, and he’s working hard to safeguard [himself against them].”

Ngcobo said the allegations made against Maarohanye by Masechaba Khumalo were also false.

“South Africa is currently dealing with a serious pandemic of gender-based violence and it’s concerning to have such popular figures abusing this matter to tarnish someone’s name [as a form of] punishment, because he revealed certain aspects of their romantic relationship which she might have not wanted others to know.

“It’s important to mention that all sexual relations that happened during the course of our son’s relationship with Amanda were consensual and there was never any incident of abuse, as claimed by her in her public statement.

“As far as Masechaba Khumalo’s allegations are concerned, our son never had any romantic relationship with her. Instead, what we know is that she was the one pursuing him and he turned her down,” he said. 

If the allegations made against him are not retracted, Maarohanye will open a case of crimen injuria and defamation against Du-Pont, Khumalo, Nkala and Masechaba Khumalo.

“Their claims have damaged our son’s reputation and infringed his rights to privacy and dignity,” said Ngcobo.

On Friday, Du-Pont said she was in consultation with her lawyers about the matter, and declined to comment further until they had advised her. Du-Pont has been flooded with messages of support since posting her video, in which she described being raped by Maarohanye during their relationship over a decade ago.

In the video, Du-Pont added that she had attempted to lay charges against the rapper at the time, but had been turned away by a woman police officer. 

“I went to the police station to open a case of abuse, rape and attempted murder, and the police officer told me to go home and think about my decision, because she was sick and tired of women coming to report their boyfriends and husbands – only to take them back, despite suffering all the alleged abuse,” said Du-Pont. 

Now, with the support of government spokesperson and media personality Masechaba Khumalo, as well as Nkala, Du-Pont is determined to get justice.



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