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The dead pastor waiting to be ‘resurrected’

The body of well-known TV evangelist Siva Moodley, who proclaimed widely that he could raise people from the dead, has been lying in a morgue for more than three months.

His family is now waiting and praying for the miracle he preached – that he’ll rise from the dead

Members of The Miracle Centre came to view Moodley’s body shortly after his death in August and prayed for his resurrection. No one comes to pray for him any more, and the family has been ignoring all calls to fetch the body, says Martin du Toit of Martin’s Funeral Services in Fourways. Du Toit says he is at his wits’ end.

If Moodley’s family does not comply with his requests to lay him to rest him, Du Toit says he will have to approach the Johannesburg City Council to bury him as a pauper. Du Toit says:”His family does not want to pay to store his body in refrigeration. It is becoming a health risk.”

Moodley, founder of The Miracle Centre in Johannesburg, was a self-confessed prophet who claimed to have healed people of all kinds of ailments and to have raised some of the dead.

After failing to pray himself back to health, he died of Covid-19-related complications on August 15. FaithTV announced Moodley’s death, showing his date of birth and date of death. Several TV evangelists expressed their condolences to his family on social media. Now his family and church are refusing to admit that Moodley is dead.

In a video uploaded on the church’s YouTube page the day after his death, his wife and daughter declared that the devil was pursuing Moodley, but that God would restore and heal him.

The video was removed the next day.

A week later, on the church’s Facebook page, the public was invited to attend Moodley and his wife Jessie’s online church service.

“Join apostles Siva and Jessie’s interactive worldwide church experience,” read the message.

Moodley’s Twitter account is still active and tweets from his account are being sent daily, as if he is still alive.

He did not only preach to “open blind eyes and deaf ears, make bones grow and make cancers and tumours disappear”, but also told the congregants that if they donated money to his church, they would become richer themselves.

His sermons were broadcast live on the DStv channels TBN Africa and FaithTV.

City Press’ sister publication Rapport visited the church in the Kya Sands industrial area in Randburg on Wednesday to get answers from his family.

A woman in reception extended a friendly invitation to Rapport to attend the church service, which was recorded for a broadcast on TV. The woman warned that the church’s security personnel would not allow the Rapport team access to interview the family or take photos.

Any enquiries should be emailed to Moodley’s office, she said.

Solomon Izang Ashoms, editor of the Christian magazine The Parable‚ said Moodley was ill for months before his death and had lost a lot of weight.

“His poor health was hidden [from congregants] and his death is now being denied because it contradicts his claims that he had the supernatural powers to pray for himself and others,” Ashoms said.

He described Moodley as a witch doctor who milked people for money to enrich himself and his family.

Ashoms said: He had a big following in Africa because his propaganda and untruths were broadcast by DStv channels across the continent.

“These channels did not mind broadcasting his rubbish because they were only interested in money. Now they are not saying a word about his death and the viewers don’t know what’s going on. They are entitled to know the truth.”

Lucky Mbiko, head of TBN Africa, was not prepared to comment on the matter, only saying: “I am not going to criticise anyone or say anything bad. Our job is to unite Christians.”

Collen Dlamini, MultiChoice’s spokesperson, said they would not comment on the matter.

Dlamini said that, under their agreements, all the channels were required to comply with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA’s code of conduct.

Jessie Moodley did not respond to Rapport’s emailed requests for comment.




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