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Slay queen private parts ‘roasted’ as v!brator conducts in electricity

What started as a sexual pleasure exploration by a young slay queen turned horribly wrong when her v!brator caught fire and burnt her genitals.

The young lady is fighting for her life in a hospital after the v!brator she was using to quench her ravenous sexual appetite caught fire in the middle of an arousal enjoyment.

Instead of passing sexual pleasure to the horny lass, the vibrator let in large volumes of electricity amps into her body via her s-e-x organ. Orgasm was immediately replaced with agony as the sex goddess’s privates went up in smoke.

Her pubic area was literally ‘roasted’ sending the slay queen into a comma. Zimbabwe Observer is withholding her identity to protect the lady from public stigmatisation.

Those who came to her rescue found a smouldering v!brator plugged on power supply by her bedside as she rolls in pain on her bed with breasts and burnt out pubic area jutting outside her naked body.

A v!brator is a device or tlof tlof toy used for massage or s.e.xual stimulation. V!brators come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on what purpose you want them to serve. The use of v!brators amongst women has become one of the most popular avenues for s.e.xual satisfaction.


Some viral photos of the slay queen who developed burns around her legs have surfaced on social media. The photos have gotten a lot of people talking. The photo of the v!brator is also seen half burnt from the edge of the cable.


Here are some of the reactions from social media users:

@afroman_12: V!brator? It’s worthless… Natural is the best. Some men may have smaller d!nk , ladies please be patience with him, don’t run away from him . Try sensual massage or work together in bath tub , it will work for you . I beg

@nimnexauto_international: “Lmao, even D!do got burnt because nobody fit do 20 rounds ”

@aniyikayetwins_: “Fake ass product … if e explode inside your hmmm.”

-Zimbabwe Observer


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