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People worked hard to remove me as chief justice a year into the job: Mogoeng

The former head of the judiciary claims many of his attackers have since apologised to him

Former chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng says there were people who wanted to remove him just a year into his job.

He was speaking at the Word of Faith Christian Centre in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, as part of his “Healing the Nation of Africa” initiative.

Mogoeng recently finished his 10-year term of office and has been revelling in the freedom to speak his mind.

He claimed many people who worked fruitlessly to remove him had since apologised.

“Some were working hard to have me removed within a year. Where are they? I’m a pensioner now,” Mogoeng said mockingly.

“Just as the Lord said, there is nothing they can do, and I chose to believe him. He said many will come and apologise to you, and then they do. They came, I didn’t ask for any apology. Politicians, cartoonists, media people came and humbled themselves. I was so shocked. I said: ‘You know what, I had long forgiven you.’

“I forgive in advance. I don’t hold grudges. I know you are confused, you are misled. I don’t know even know who your God is, but my God is a God who loves, who forgives,” Mogoeng said.

He said he had had to field attacks from South Africans as far back as 2009, when he was first appointed to fill a vacancy at the Constitutional Court. He said the attacks escalated when he was appointed chief justice two years later.

Mogoeng was preaching about faith, telling the audience he believed he did not have what it takes to become a justice in the apex court when a vacancy first appeared in 2008. He didn’t apply then as he was waiting for a signal, which came a year later.

“I waited for the Lord to speak, but even when the Lord spoke I was shaky. I said: ‘Hey these people are going to eat me alive’ — and they did eat me alive. They were positive all the time, including the media, until my name was part of the four that the president submitted to parliament for consideration.

“Then they said lay preacher who knows nothing about the law. Same applies to chief justice, the Lord had spoken, I believed the word. I didn’t have much confidence, but I chose to hold on to the word,” Mogoeng said.

He said he was mocked in the media for saying it was God who wanted him to become the chief justice.

“It was a thing of mockery to say your God can do something,” he said.

Mogoeng, who has been lobbied to run for presidency in 2024, said he had received a prophecy that one of the country’s popular mineral resources, gold, would become stronger soon, as well as our economy.

“There are treasures that are hidden until the right time, and as He grows our currency and our economy, those treasures will be used to pay off the debts we have as a nation,” Mogoeng said.

He also said there would be a massive wealth transfer, abundant blessings and supernatural blessings that none of us could even begin to imagine.

“So there is hope for you and I, and our grandchildren,” Mogoeng told the audience.




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