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Man returns home after 47 years to find his two wives remarried

A MAN dropped out of sight of his two wives in 1974, only to resurface this week.

He didn’t tell his wives where he was going and never communicated for 47 years.

The Kenyan Madala, Peter Oyuka, who is now 84 years expected to find his wife waiting for him.

He got a rude awakening last week, when he found that his wives moved on and couldn’t endure a life of living without a man for close to five decades.

The 84 years old bachelor is now in a catch 22 situation. He can’t get back his wives because they are married to other people and has no option of going back where he squandered his 47 years because he is too old.

According to Daily Star, Oyuka told people he left to search for greener pastures that would help take care of his two wives and five kids.

It is reported that Oyuka never told his family where he was going, and said he was saddened to find out his wives had given up on hopes of his return.

“I wish my wives were here to welcome me home. I wish them well in their marriages. However, I would like them to know that I’m still alive and that they should create time and visit me,” he said with tears dropping down his face.

According to media reports in Kenya, the madala expected his wives to remain intact while he spent most of the 47 years away from home in Tanzania, where he fell in love and had a child with another woman.

– Daily Sun



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