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Malema implores DA to work with other parties to thwart ANC’s plan to retain Joburg

  • EFF leader Julius Malema has cautioned the DA to forge a coalition with smaller parties in Johannesburg to freeze out the ANC.
  • Malema even appeared to offer the EFF’s assistance should an agreement be reached.
  • His utterances came after the DA said it will not support Herman Mashaba’s nomination for mayor of Joburg on Monday.

EFF leader Julius Malema has warned that the only scenario that could lead to the ANC not retaining the City of Johannesburg was if the DA put aside its pride and worked with smaller parties in a coalition that would end the ANC’s hope of retaining the metro.

Malema even appeared to offer to support a DA-ActionSA coalition with his party’s 29 seats should an agreement be reached in Johannesburg.

His utterances came after DA leader John Steenhuisen on Saturday vowed that despite ActionSA giving its support to the DA in Tshwane, his party would not support Herman Mashaba’s nomination for mayor of Joburg on Monday.

Steenhuisen said the DA would rather be a “principled, strong and effective” opposition in Johannesburg than go into “chaotic minority coalitions” dependent on the EFF to stay in power.

Addressing the media and supporters on Saturday, Steenhuisen said Mashaba’s election as mayor and opposition parties’ attempt to garner more than 50% of the vote to achieve a majority, were highly dependent on the support of the EFF. 

Seemingly responding to this stance during the EFF’s Siyabonga rally in Tembisa, Gauteng, on Saturday, Malema said: “[On] Monday, metros are sitting and mayors will be elected. We need to go and watch as the ANC is defeated. Its mayoral candidates such as Mzwandile Masina in Ekurhuleni might end up having to walk back home. Remember, the cars they are driving are municipal cars and they might have to return them after the beating they are going to get. They will Uber back home or even walk.

“But Mashaba and the DA should also be cautious. If they place their love for positions ahead of the endgame of removing the ANC, they also might make the ANC come through the back door.slide 1 of 1Herman MashabaHerman MashabaGallo Images Photo by Gallo Images/Papi Morake

“Mashaba, the DA and all those small parties must unite. They made it clear that they don’t want us, so they must unite and take out the ANC. 

“The DA must put aside its white arrogance and share positions because no one won the elections. Where no one won the elections, you must share the positions. Don’t involve us. We don’t want your positions. We don’t want your vote but remove the corrupt,” said Malema.

He even said that should the DA, ActionSA, FF Plus, ACDP, UDM and Cope manage to forge a union in Johannesburg, the EFF was willing to throw its weight behind the coalition. 

“If we see that the ANC is threatening to overcome you, then we as they EFF could even assist you. We can make a plan but it will depend on the unity of the small parties,” said Malema.

Even if the DA and the other five parties form a coalition in Johannesburg, as they have in Tshwane, their 124 seats in total would still fall far short of the 136 seats needed to form a majority in the 270-seat metro. The DA has 71 seats, ActionSA 44 seats, FF Plus four seats, ACDP three seats, UDM one seat and Cope one seat.

The EFF’s 29 seats would see them over the line.

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In a joint statement on Saturday, the smaller parties that joined forces with the DA in Tshwane threatened the DA, saying its decision to rather be an opposition party and put forward its own mayoral candidate for Johannesburg put the successful coalition agreements reached at risk.

The group added:As a group, the multiparty group calls upon the DA to honour its commitment to keep the ANC out of these municipalities by engaging with potential coalition partners in good faith. The multiparty group believes that it is of utmost importance and in the best interest of the electorate to keep the ANC out of government.

Steenhuisen said putting together a minority coalition government in Johannesburg would be subject to the whims and demands of the EFF.

The EFF leader, however, said his party was resigned to the fact that the red berets would not be involved in any coalitions, and should they offer their votes, this would come with no strings attached.

He said his party was instead already working towards the 2024 national elections.

EFF Student Command president Mandla Shikwambana echoed this, saying the EFF student organisation would unleash a campaign focused on the 2024 elections. 

“We are going to call that campaign community-student-based activism. It will see all Student Command leaders and members on the EFF in universities and TVET colleges going back to communities, to our brothers and sisters who have given up, and we will educate them.

“We will go and give them courage so that heading towards 2024, we will not see the same levels of voter apathy that we saw this time around,” said Shikwambana.



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