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Late mother leaves son with a Korobela curse

ALL THESE years the young man thought he was providing for his mum out of the kindness of his heart.

But then he found out the terrible truth: he was being pushed by muthi forces.

He couldn’t believe his own mother was ruling his life with korobela!

The 36-year-old from Windmill Park, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun what hurts even more was that if his mum was still alive, he would not have found out.

He said when she died in 2019, he started getting sick. He said he had cramps in his midriff, was sweating a lot at night and sometimes his feet hurt so badly he couldn’t walk.

“At first my aunt told me maybe my mum’s death had hit me hard because I was so close to her,” he said. But it didn’t stop, even after he had accepted her death.

He started going to doctors and they gave him pills but they didn’t help. “My aunt suggested I must see a sangoma because we feared it would get worse.”

He went to a well-known sangoma in Windmill Park who told him he has korobela but didn’t specify who it was from.

He assumed it was his baby mama, because he was with her longest. “I confronted her but she had no clue what I was talking about. I didn’t believe her when she said she didn’t do this to me,”

He said the sangoma gave him imithi yokuphalaza and he did as instructed, but it didn’t work. “I went to another sangoma and heard the shocking truth. The sangoma told me my mum gave me korobela.”

The sangoma explained she did this so he wouldn’t get married and would take care of her for the rest of her life. “I’m really hurt. I lost women I thought were life partners and I guess this was the reason.”

He said one of his exes told him that he treated his mother as if she was his wife.

“I don’t make much money and I’ve been working for almost 10 years and my mum got more than half of my salary every month. I didn’t know why. I was obsessed with taking care of her,” he said.

He said the sangoma was honest with him by saying this will be hard to remove because it’s been there for many years.

“He said I can pay him if the treatment is successful but it didn’t work. I’m asking SunReaders to intervene.”

Sangoma Mkhulu Joseph Dungamanzi told Daily Sun many mums do this to their sons. “Their relationships don’t work because of this. The man becomes too invested in taking care of his mum.” Sangoma Gogo Mahlalentabeni said this ridiculous act has become a norm to a lot of mums in Mzansi. “There are men who give more than half their salaries to their mums. Those never get married as everything is about their mums.”

– Daily Sun



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