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International blesser, Serge Cabonge in trouble with the law

Self-proclaimed “international blesser” Serge Cabonge is at loggerheads with the law after he was arrested on Monday for alleged reckless and negligent driving.

In a turn of events, the popular Congolese national subsequently opened a case of theft against the officers who had nabbed him, accusing them of stealing a Rolex worth R200 000 and R15 000 in cash from his Golf 5R.

According to information obtained by City Press from a member of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD), Cabonge was nabbed for allegedly skipping a red traffic light on the corner of Grayston Drive and Rivonia Road in Sandton.

“He was driving at a speed of about 110km/h on a public road at about 11pm. He was then stopped, tested for alcohol consumption and thereafter arrested for driving recklessly,” said the official.

Cabonge was taken to the Sandton Police Station, where he was granted R1 000 bail.

“He wanted to use his celebrity status to avoid being arrested, but he was told that the rules of the road are not for a select few and there were consequences for breaking them.”

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City Press further understands that Cabonge returned to the station the following day to open a criminal case of theft against the three arresting officers, accusing them of stealing his belongings and forcefully removing him from his car. He also accused the officers of trying to solicit a bribe, claiming that, when he refused, they dragged him to their van and arrested him.

According to a police source, Cabonge also claimed that the officers took his cellphone and asked whether he had money on him.

Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubele said:It is confirmed that the suspect was arrested for reckless and [negligent driving] of a motor vehicle. He was charged and released on bail at the station. The suspect in turn opened a case of theft against the police.

Cabonge denied that he skipped a red light and alleged that he was a victim of corruption.

“When they stopped me, the light was green, so they asked me for my driving licence, which I gave them. The attitude changed when they saw the money I was going to deposit at the ATM,” he said, adding that he was going to institute a civil claim against the JMPD for wrongful arrest.

Cabonge got tongues wagging when he appeared on investigative show Checkpoint three years ago, detailing his life as a blesser. He also starred in his own reality show called The Bachelor, which displayed the ins and outs of being a blesser. City Press has previously reported that he had found love in the arms of celebrity fitness trainer Enhle Mbali Mathebula.




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