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If the ANC collapses SA would be left ungovernable, says Thabo Mbeki

Former president Thabo Mbeki says if the ANC were to collapse, the country would become ungovernable.

Mbeki, who was addressing ANC delegates in Free State at the weekend, said the ruling party is too big to fail.

“If the ANC collapsed today, ceased to exist, this country would become ungovernable simply because of the influence of the party.

“Three provincial governments are ANC, the national government is ANC.”

He said the ruling party owed it to the nation to sort itself out and should focus on service delivery, not a leadership race.

“The ANC owes it to the nation, to the country, to sort itself out, not so Mxolisi Dukwana [Free State co-operative governance and traditional affairs MEC] should be in charge, but so the ANC plays the role expected of it by the people.

“The ANC has always been committed, from its foundation, to serve the people of SA. That’s all it needs to do. We must bring back the ANC to do that,” said Mbeki.

He said it was up to party leaders and members to make sure the ANC lives on.

“We can’t allow it to die. We must be the first to make sure a renewed ANC lives.

“In my view, we cannot renew the ANC if we cannot renew ourselves as individual members and individual leaders. Our renewal should be based on respecting and upholding the constitution of the ANC.”



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