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Canberra residents are flocking to get their Covid 19 vaccines

By Sibanengi Dube

The Garran Surge Covid 19 Centre in Canberra is administering more than 1000 jabs everyday as ACT residents take heed to the government’s call to get the Coronavirus vaccine.

Canberra Live visited the mass vaccination clinic today to get a feel of what is happening at the life serving facility. Enthusiastic and friendly staff members of the clinic were orderly and timeously serving the people. People were served within a turn around period of 25 minutes including the 15 minutes observation period. There were no queues when this paper turned up at the facility which is premised adjacent to Canberra Hospital. People were just moving from the parking lot straight to the serving rooms.

A staff member at the Centre told Canberra Live that 100 people were passing through their gates every hour on a busy day.

“We see 100 people every hour on a busy day and around 50 when we are not busy,” said the staff member who preferred anonymity.

Scores of Canberra residents who thronged the facility on Friday expressed excitement over the opportunity to received a the jab.

Deepali Joshi who was interviewed soon after taking her first jab said a feeling of safety gripped her soon after taking the vaccine.

Deepali Joshi outside Gerran Surge Covid 19 Clinic

“I am definitely feeling safe now. I will drink a lot of water to stabilise myself,” said Joshi.

Joshi said most of his colleagues, friends and family members have already been jabbed adding that she was the only one left out.

“So this explains why I made sure that I get mine today,” added Joshi.

The same sentiments were expressed by Julie King who was interviewed as she prepares herself from the parking lot to receive her second jab.

“I feel fortified already. Today I am taking my last dose. I encourage everyone to get their Covid 19 vaccines,” said King.

King told Canberra Live that she was ready to travel to UK to visit her family members.

Julie’son, Daniel King who was visibly excited to get his Pfizer jab said he felt “royal.”

Julie King flanked by her sons Daniel and Williams just before getting their second jabs

“I feel royal,” said Daniel is a clear display of his good sense of humour. His brother William was in smiles while waiting for his turn to get the jab.

An unidentified resident of Crace suburb getting his second Pfizer jab

All people in phase 1a, 1b, people aged 40 years and over, plus Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged 16 years and over are being vaccinated. Pfizer is the preferred Vaccine for the under 50 while AstraZeneca is for the over the 50. AstraZeneca vaccine made headlines after a few incidents of blood clotting.

COVID-19 vaccinations are being offered in the ACT at



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