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Crace Community Association launches floriade in Crace

Members of Crace Community Association (CCA) planted flowers at Crace shopping Centre today in observation of the government sponsored Floriade campaign.

Scores of CCA activists braved the chilly weather of today to make beds of 3000 tulip bubs and 3000 annuil and pansies flowers at the intersection of Abena Avenue and Hillcrest Street.

CCA Chairman, David Pollard, told Canberra Live that the Floriade campaign marks the beginning of a busy programme for his Association which had been inactivated by Covid 19.

“CCA has been quiet due to Covid 19 but our activities are now beginning to pick up,” said Pollard.

Pollard said the covid 19 slowdown gave his organisation an opportunity to pause and look for fresh ideas for our community.

“In order to really get things moving again, we will be holding an Annual General Meeting early in the new Financial Year. We will be looking to reinvigorate our committee with a mix of old faces and new,” said Pollard.

He urged the Crace community to keep an eye out on Facebook and email for details.

“We would like to run our Christmas Carnival again this year, as well as celebrating Halloween in what has become a Crace tradition,” he added.



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