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ANC launches witch-hunt for rebellious councillors in North West

Party members voted EFF councillor as speaker

The ANC in the North West has vowed to overturn the embarrassing rebellion staged by its councillors in Mamusa municipality in Schweizer-Reneke who secretly voted for an EFF speaker as they protested against the candidate put forward by the governing party on Monday. 

This comes after two of its councillors in the municipality voted for the EFF’s Olebeng Mogorosi despite the ANC having clear majority and having put forward former mayor Gotsilekgosi Batsi as its candidate.ADVERTISING

The governing party has launched a witch-hunt to unmask its councillors who voted with EFF, while it is also plans to reverse Mogorosi’s surprise election into the top post.

The rebellion in Mamusa came as the ANC was being booted out of hung municipalities including in key metros, since Monday, as opposition parties joined forces to ensure it did not return to power.

ANC North West spokesperson Kenneth Morolong said the decision to snub Batsi had embarrassed the party and that it was planning to field him again to take over the post, despite his rejection by some in the party’s caucus.

“The ANC has already resolved on Batsi as a speaker and that decision stands. We will soon unveil our plan to reassert the ANC’s authority in totality in that municipality. We will reverse this,” Morolong said.

The financially troubled small municipality in the Ruth Mompati district, has only 16 seats in council, with the ANC controlling nine, while the EFF controlled four and other parties – the DA, FF Plus and AICM – had one seat each.

Moroleng said the party would not rest until it exposed those who engaged in what he called a “despicable act of treachery”.

The defiant councillors had to be rounded up and read a riot act by the party’s interim provincial committee (IPC) on Tuesday evening after they boycotted a council sitting, before they eventually elected the ANC’s Mitah Chelechele as the new mayor.

EFF provincial secretary Papikie Babuile said the Red Berets had capitalised on the glaring divisions within the ANC caucus and fielded their own candidates.

“We did not even lobby anyone to vote for us. So we don’t even know who among them voted for us. But we were not surprised because we knew some would vote for us. That is why we fielded our candidate. We knew Batsi would not succeed because many [in ANC]  don’t want him,” he said.

Babuile said while a vote of no confidence could soon be lodged against Mogorosi, it would not be easy as there would have to be at least a legitimate basis, beside him being an EFF councillor.

“We believe that the speaker will not change any time soon,” Babuile said.

ANC NEC member Dakota Legoete, who had been deployed to the municipality, indicated on Tuesday that those found to have been behind the ANC sabotage would face disciplinary action and tough sanctions by the party. 



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