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ACTS extends duration for the Stay-at-home requirements for Queensland

Travellers to ACT who have been in 11 South East Queensland LGAs will have to continue with the mandatory stay-at-home requirements until Sunday 8 August.

The extension followed after the Queensland Government announced today that the lockdown in 11 local government areas (LGAs) will continue due to a growing COVID-19 outbreak.

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith revealed that ther more than 2500 people under stay-at-home requirements in ACT who have been to Queensland.

“So we will continue obviously to monitor the situation in Queensland and to respond accordingly as we are also monitoring the situation in Sydney and the surrounding NSW region.”

Anyone entering the ACT on or after 21 July from the Queensland LGAs of: City of Brisbane, Moreton Bay Region, City of Gold Coast, City of Ipswich, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Logan City, Noosa Shire Council, Redland City, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council or Sunshine Coast Regional Council must abide by the stay-at-home orders.

Non-ACT residents entering from these areas will need an approved exemption to come into the Territory.

“I do want to remind people who might have been in Queensland recently, you would have had to fill out a declaration on return to the ACT from any of those 11 local government areas that are affected,” said the Health Minister who travellers to abide by the stay-at-home directives.

She said anyone who has received correspondence from ACT Health who is no longer in the ACT should let authorities know.

“It’s really, really important that we have a good understanding of where everybody is at in terms of anyone who’s returned from Queensland on or since the 21st of July.”

Queensland recorded 13 new cases of the virus today, as state health authorities try to determine lines of transmission at high-risk exposure sites like schools and public transport routes.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young warned that it was possible that there were more positive cases before the effects of the lockdown kick in.

No case of COVID-19 was recorded in ACT.


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